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The Joys of Kamάki!

May 24, 2010

Back in the 70’s-80’s there were whole groups of Greek men that systematically flirted with women almost as a sport. They were not exactly gigolos, but more like flirty men who women would treat to drinks and gifts in return for their “services’. These men were known as kamάκια after the word for harpoon (kamaki).

Today the kamaki sport has calmed down considerably and nowadays, when we speak of kamakia, we usually mean the annoying waiters that try to drag people into their restaurants.

Kano kamaki, means I do harpooning, and is more or less a different way of saying that you are flirting but perhaps a bit more aggressively. If you are ever subject to this here is a list of very probably things the flirtatious man might call you:

Agapi mou – my love

Asteri mou – my star

Matia mou – my eyes

Manari mou – my lamb

Koukla mou – my doll

Kardia mou – my heart

So, my loves, stars, eyes, lambs, dolls and hearts. Until next week keep flirting but watch out for the kamakia!

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Where are You From?

May 3, 2010

The summer season on my little island has begun – a Dutch charter flight flew past my window just a few hours ago and tomorrow the first British will arrive. It is always a strange feeling after a quiet winter but soon, the island will be buzzing and the sea will be warm enough for chickens like me to get in…

Because there will be all sorts of nationalities here now I thought it would be a good idea to produce a little list of what some countries are called in Greek. Many of them still go by their ancient names to the Greeks, such as Gallía – Gaul = France and Elvetía – Helvetia = Switzerland.

With the exception of Greece, which is Elláda, you will notice that all the countries end with –ía, which means you should pronounce them by emphasizing the -eeeeea at the end. Here we go:

Italy = Italía

Spain = Ispanía

England = Aglía

Wales = Oualía

Scotland = Skotía

Ireland = Irlandía

Sweden = Souidía

Norway = Norvigía

Finland = Finlandía

Denmark = Danía

Holland = Ollandía

France = Gallía

Portugal = Portogalía

Germany = Germanía

If your country is not listed here and you would like to know what it is called, please send an email:

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