The Language of Animals

It’s 6AM, the sun is coming up and a sleepy cockerel slowly wakes up…and what does he say….HUUUUUNG FER HER!!!


Because that’s apparently what he says in China!

In Greece, the same cockerel would have said KOKORIKO, in Britain COCK A DOODLE DOO and in Sweden KUCKELIKU!!!

Animals might sound the same wherever we go in the world, but each native language describes it differently. Here is a short list of what animals say in English, Greek and Swedish:


Greek: niaou

English: meow

Swedish: mjau


Greek: gav

English: woff

Swedish: vov


Greek:  gri gri

English:  oink oink

Swedish:  noff noff


Greek:  chlimintrizo

English:  neigh

Swedish:  gnagg


Greek:  iaa iaa

English:  hee haw

Swedish:  skri


Greek:  kra

English:  caw

Swedish:  krax

If you speak another language, please let me know what your animals say!

For more about Greek, Skiathos and our books, please go to


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