What are You Afraid of?

A phobia is the complete, often irrational, fear of all sorts of things…unlike “normal” fear that might make us shudder; phobias completely paralyze or make us absolutely hysterical.

The word for “fear” in Greek is fόvos, fobάme means “I am afraid” and fovismέnos is the “frightened” person. A fovία, however, is a “phobia”. There are literally hundreds of fobias around and most of them stem from the Greek language. Here is a list of some common ones, which will help you enrich your Greek vocabulary as you probably already know some of them:

Agoraphobia: fear of open spaces (agora means market as in shopping area)

Androphobia: fear of men (andras means man)

Arachnophobia: fear of spiders (arachne means spider)

Bibliophobia: fear of books (vivlio means book)

Cardiophobia: fear of the heart (kardia means heart)

Ceranophobia: fear of thunder (keravnos means thunder)

Claustrophobia: fear of enclosed spaces (kleisto means closed)

Demophobia: fear of crowds (demos means people)

Emetophobia: fear of vomiting (emetos means vomit)

Ergophobia: fear of work (ergo means work)

Gymnofobia: fear of nudity (gymnos means naked)

Hypnophobia: fear of sleeping (ypnos means sleep)

Ideophobia: fear of ideas (idea means idea)

Monophobia: fear of being alone (monos means alone)

Pharmacofobia: fear of medicine (farmako means medicine)

Thalassophobia: fear of the sea (thalassa means sea)

Xenophobia: fear of strangers (xenos means stranger in this context)

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