Winter is here!

The island is quiet, the sky is gray and every now again the wind picks up and it starts to rain. You walk up Papadiamanti Street and it is next to empty and so is the Old Harbour. In other words, it is fantastic!

During summer, the perhaps most frequently asked question from holidaymakers is “What’s it like here in the winter” and if the above description is not enough, this might give you a better idea!


Papadiamanti Street in winter.

Truth be told, Skiathos in winter is not for everyone! Many find it boring and choose to go away for some time. Others choose to stay and moan non stop. But for the rest of us, this is the time when Skiathos is at its best: you can go for long walks, spe

nd endless afternoons in the little taverns and cafes, meet up with friends, watch DVD’s, read, write, paint or whatever it is that makes you happy.

This might also be the time to start taking Greek lessons. For more info, please look up

Yesterday was a National Holiday, in Greece known as Ochi day, No day. When Mussolini asked the Greek general Metaxa to be allowed to use Greece for military purposes during the Second World War the latter denied his request. Greece was subsequently occupied by the Italians and then the Germans and suffered greatly. Hundreds of thousands of civilians starved to death or were executed but nevertheless, the fact that the country resisted has given cause to feel proud.


Local children parade in traditional costumes.

Skiathos suffered greatly during the war and there are many stories about heroism, public executions as well as betrayal. More about that some other time.

On Skiathos, October 28 is celebrated with parades on the harbour. Flower wreaths are put on the memorial listing those that fell and ther ceremony is attended by the church and the military. Unfortunately it was cold and overcast this year but people still made it to the harbour.

Kalo Chimona to everyone!


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  1. Yvonne Ayoub Says:

    Congratulations, Victoria – lovely blog! I look forward to many more interesting updates. Best Wishes, Yvonne x

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